The 46 Best Lakes in Texas By Region (plus Map)

Do you want to know about the 46 best lakes in Texas?

We’ve got you covered. Here are 46 of the most beautiful, serene, and picturesque lakes in all of Texas. These are some of the best places to visit for a day trip or weekend getaway. And if you don’t live nearby, we’ve included directions on how to get there!

The water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming, fishing, or kayaking. There’s plenty of space for camping too! It’s also great just to sit back and enjoy nature from your tent or RV while watching the sunset over these gorgeous views. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go explore these amazing lakes today!

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Lake in North Texas

Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma
Lake Texoma, Private Pier

Lake Texoma Association was founded in 1954 to protect and preserve its surrounding region. The city of Denison is on one side of the lake, and Sherman on another. Lake Texoma Association has also been instrumental in promoting tourism.

They organize events such as fishing tournaments or boat rides at sunset. They are actively engaged with local communities through their annual volunteer days where residents can participate for free if they pledge two hours a month volunteering within an organization that supports recreation activities.

Lewisville Lake

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is home to this gorgeous lake. Six marinas and three restaurants are found on the shores of this glorious water body. Boating enthusiasts will have plenty to do with boat tours and charters available from area businesses. Party Cove offers rowdier scenes. Those looking for some fun should visit there during boaters’ social gatherings. Boats will tie up, enjoy libations and music together.

Possum Kingdom Lake

Possum Kingdom Lake offers lots of fun for the family. Rent a boat and get out on the water. You can swim, fish, scuba dive, or snorkel in the lake’s clear waters. All while admiring its many scenic views of wildlife such as birds and turtles. Spend some time exploring the park’s nature trails. See if geocaching is for you. Check into one of their air-conditioned cabins at nightfall!

Possum Kingdom has a variety of campsites ranging from basic tent camping sites to those with access to electricity. Also, luxury cabin rentals include amenities like AC units.

Lake Grapevine

Lake Grapevine is a small, but delightful recreation area with plenty of fun activities. Hiking and biking trails surround the lake offering scenic views. They are perfect for weekend day trips from Dallas/Fort Worth.

Vineyards Campgrounds offers 12 cabin rentals to enjoy while you’re there. Each comes equipped with furnished linens, Wi-Fi, central heat & air units as well as cable TV in most cases. All you need is your food! The floating water park provides endless entertainment during the summer months when it’s hot outside. There are also boat rentals available so groups can make their way around the lake.

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Lake Granbury

Best Lakes in Texas
Lake Granbury

Lake Granbury is the perfect place for a day of fishing. You can also rent things such as kayaks, paddleboards, or bikes from City Beach Park. Tour some sights while enjoying an afternoon by Lago Grande! Pitch a tent at one of its campgrounds to enjoy all that Lake Granbury has to offer! Head over to their historic downtown square for a day of shopping at boutiques and antique stores.

 Lake Ray Roberts 

Lake Ray Roberts is a great place near the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It’s about 10 miles north of Denton. If you’re looking for an escape to nature where you can enjoy many activities on the water then it might be your perfect spot! There are tons of fun things to do here like swimming or fishing, hiking, and camping. The beach offers plenty of comforts as well as relaxing vibes.

Lake Ray Hubbard

Lake Ray Hubbard is one of the biggest lakes in north Texas. This recreational lake spans 22,000 acres and has plenty to offer for any outdoor enthusiast. From fishing, skiing, or relaxing on a nice beach with family and friends, you can find it all. One place that will keep your interest would be the Harbor Rockwall which offers great dining, shopping as well as live music shows every weekend. You’ll enjoy some really beautiful sunsets while having fun walking along by the water watching boats pass by.

Richland Chambers Reservoir

Best Lakes in Texas
Richard Chambers Reservoir

Richland Chambers Reservoir is a great lake for all kinds of personal watercraft from jet skis to sailboats. The reservoir covers 44,752 acres and boasts 330 miles of shoreline with clean, fresh water that’s perfect for swimming. It’s located about an hour south on I-45 near Dallas making it easily accessible by various routes including Highway 20 or the toll road 45N/S merge off Interstate 35E at Lewisville.

Lake Tawakoni 

Lake Tawakoni is one of the best places in Texas for fishing and bird watching outside of Dallas. The Lake Tawakoni RV Center has been voted as a favorite place to stay by many visitors. They are drawn there not only because it offers peace and quiet but also some of the most sought-after bass and catfishing in the area. The lake is considered the “Bald Eagle Capital of Texas.” 

Joe Pool Lake 

Joe Pool Lake opened in 1989. A beautiful lake with so many things to do it is no wonder residents of the Dallas area love this lake. There are so many different things you can do at this location like bird watching or fishing and the list goes on! This lake provides a place where everyone from boat owners to outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy. This area is especially popular for family camping and water activities.

White Rock Lake 

White Rock Lake
White Rock Lake

This is one of the most heavily used parks in the Dallas area. It features a 9-mile hike and bike trail. There are also picnic areas available for reservation which include pavilions with spectacular views overlooking the lake. For those looking to relax, there are over 50 piers providing boat access points including kayak concession rentals.

Lake Meredith

The Panhandle’s Lake Meredith is a refuge for humans and animals alike. Home to an expansive dry grassland, the lake offers camping opportunities so visitors can enjoy their stay. Whether you are looking for scenic overlooks or wooded campsites, this oasis has everything you need! Plenty of RV sites with electric hookups to campgrounds that offer views.

Lake Lavon

This is a large recreational lake in north Texas, spanning 21,400 acres and 121 miles of shoreline. It is great for camping, fishing, or relaxing at one of the many parks located around this beautiful man-made lake. They have plenty of beaches with shallow water perfect for children and amazing campgrounds. You will enjoy your time outdoors. There are a lot of hiking trails that offer breathtaking scenery such as lakeside views from Eagle Mountain Park’s lookout point- all at a reasonable cost!

Lake Bridgeport

One of the most beautiful lakes with clear water in North Texas, just 65 miles northwest of Fort Worth. This 11,954-acre lake has 170 miles worth of shoreline and four islands where visitors can find boat launching ramps, campgrounds & cabins. There are also marinas or RV parks if they’re looking to stay awhile. It is a very picturesque spot, Instagram-worthy.

Lakes in East Texas

Sam Rayburn

Sam Rayburn Reservoir is located in Deep East Texas, 70 miles north of Beaumont. The reservoir was created to provide water and power for the nearby city of Houston. It’s fed by the Angelina River which also provides part of its name as well as a major tributary to another river that flows through it-the Neches River! Sam Rayburn has over 3 million acres – one-half coming from land purchased during 1985. Lake Sam Rayburn can be crossed on Highway 147 if you’re looking for boating or fishing fun!

Lake Livingston

Lake Livingston
Lake Livingston

Lake Livingston is the perfect place for a weekend trip or a year-round vacation home. It covers 93,000 acres and has 450 miles of shoreline with no crowds. It’s the 2nd largest lake within the borders of Texas. There are many beautiful homes nearby too – making this an absolute paradise away from all your worries while still being close enough to Houston and Dallas if necessary!

Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is a natural lake. This wetland includes 189 species of trees & shrubs as well as 216 kinds of birds. There are 47 mammals to boot! Forty-four native Caddo plants were either endangered, threatened, or rare until 1965 when some people reported an alleged Bigfoot sighting according to North American Wood Ape Conservancy.

Cedar Creek Reservoir

Cedar Creek Reservoir is a glistening blue oasis of water located in the heart of Texas. The reservoir has 320 miles worth of shoreline, making it one hour drive from Dallas and Fort Worth metro areas. Cedar Creek Lake not only offers great fishing opportunities but also private boathouse ownership for those who want to escape their hectic lives on weekends.

This Lake is the fourth-largest lake in the state with over 320 miles of shoreline and just one hour drive from the DFW metroplex. This makes it popular among visitors to spend their summers by its shores.

Lake O‘ the Pines

Lake O’ the Pines is known to be home to gigantic catfish and bass, with some so huge they’re called monstrous. Legend has it that these gargantuan fish have been lurking in Big Cypress Bayou for centuries and are a common topic among locals. The dam spans over 10,000 feet long and holds 250,000 acre-feet or, more than 100 billion gallons of water before releasing downstream into Galveston Bay which feeds into the Gulf Coast.

Lake O’ the Pines is an expansive lake located near Jefferson. The giant cats live deep below its surface—some as large as 30 pounds! These enormous creatures can grow up to 4ft 5 inches in length during their lifetime.

Lake Fork Reservoir

Lake Fork Reservoir is a textbook fishery that was established by Texas Parks and Wildlife as the premier bass fishing lake. The lake also includes species of catfish, sand basses, yellow basses, crappies, sunfishes, bowfin, and bluegill. The lake was designed to provide anglers with the opportunity for trophy bass fishing while also supporting crappie and bluegill populations.

Lake Bob Sandlin State Park

This place has all the amenities that make your camping experience as comfortable and productive as possible. Along with a variety of lodging options, there are mountain biking trails for exploring.

There are geocaching opportunities to seek out hidden treasure, fishing in one of its stocked ponds or from their pier. Kayaking is available at Barefoot Bay RV Resort & Marina where they rent bicycles too! There’s also an 18-hole mini-golf course just down the road.

Toledo Bend

Toledo Bend
Toledo Bend

Toledo Bend Reservoir is by far one of the best lakes in Texas. This lake is a massive body of water on the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana. The lake has an area of 185,000 acres making it the largest man-made reservoir in both states.

Lake Palestine

There are five public boat launches on Lake Palestine that provide access to the lake. More than a dozen private marinas, motels, and campgrounds offer additional ramps and other services for those looking to enjoy this beautiful body of water with their own boats or rented ones from these providers as well.

This dam located on the Neches River was created by the Upper Neches River Municipal Water Authority. This means they maintain the lake so boaters don’t have anything to worry about! You can find all sorts of recreation opportunities here – fishing, canoeing/kayaking even biking if you are up for it.

Sabine Lake 

Sabine Lake is located approximately 100 east of Houston. The lake holds freshwater from two rivers that join to form this body along with an entrance into the salty waters through Sabine Pass. This waterway forms part of the Texas–Louisiana border. It falls within Jefferson and Orange Counties in Texas as well as Cameron Parish in Louisiana. It is all connected by way of one long stretch around La Salle Bayou for fishing enthusiasts who are lucky enough to live nearby!

Wright Patman Lake

Wright Patman Lake is a breathtaking destination for those who enjoy the great outdoors.

The recreational lands include campgrounds, parks, hiking, and biking trails that lead to beautiful scenic overlooks of the lake as well as geocaching opportunities where you can find hidden caches with treasure! Watersports enthusiasts also have fun at this lively location on weekends when they partake in water-skiing or paddleboarding. Boaters get their fill too from cruising around leisurely during nice weather days.

This area encompasses beautiful wildlife such as migrating bald eagles. It is an enjoyable place to spend time no matter what your interests are!

Lakes in Southeast Texas

Lake Conroe

Best Lakes in Texas
Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is a popular recreational area with good water quality. The 21,000-acre  body of water runs through classic East Texas Piney Woods forests and provides plenty of boating, jet skiing, and fishing options for visitors to enjoy. It lies where West Fork Creek meets Spring Creek at an elevation that creates pristine conditions for boating and fishing enthusiasts. It has deep water that supports larger fish species such as crappie and bass.

Eagle Lake

Eagle Mountain Lake is a reservoir that spans 2,500 acres and has an 8-mile shoreline with sandy beaches for swimming or fishing. It’s also one of North Texas’ most popular recreation areas which draws visitors from all over to enjoy its natural beauty year-round! Eagle Mountain Lake (EML) straddles Denton County in north-central Texas, extending into parts of southern Wise county as well; it’s located roughly midway between Dallas and Fort Worth off Interstate 35W through Pilot Point near Glen Rose, TX about 22 miles southwest from downtown Fort Worth via Highway 199S.

This manmade body water spans some 2500 acres within. The lake has an abundance of recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and water sports like sailing, wakeboarding, and kayaking available to visitors. It’s also home to many picnic areas for families with food vendors too! There are plenty of walking trails around that can help you explore all this beautiful land on foot or bike if you’re feeling especially adventurous!

Eagle Mountain Lake was once used during World War II when it housed Marine Corps Air Station Eagle Mountain Lake which kept our military safe from hostile attacks while they trained their soldiers how to fly gliders into combat zones without being detected sneaking up behind enemy lines. Semper Fi.

Lake Houston

Lake Houston is a freshwater lake in the middle of suburban sprawl, where people come to enjoy swimming and jet skiing. The water reaches depths up to thirty feet deep, as far out into the center as you can see from shore. It’s not just for boating or fishing either. Lake Houston also has campsites by its shores that are perfect for families who love spending time together outdoors!

Lakes in Central Texas

Best Lakes in Texas
Lake Travis, 2020.

Lake Travis

Lake Travis has been the most visited freshwater recreational destination in Texas. This lake is 63 miles long, with over 271 miles of shoreline and a maximum width of 4.5 miles wide. Lake Travis offers diversified activities such as fishing, kayaking, or tubing which will bring you closer to nature while getting your heart pumping! For those who want more adrenaline-filled adventures, there are zip lines around the area too!

Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is not just a place for business and recreation, but also an important sanctuary in the heart of Austin. The lake has been known to provide entertainment on its shores. Those that are nearby such as Barton Springs or Zilker Park where people can enjoy paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing dragon boats, and rowing shells. Ladybird provides much-needed relief with recreational activities like paddling boards/kayaks/canoes etc., while still being able to offer up fantastic views of the beautiful city of Austin.

Lake Austin

Those who are interested in learning how to kayak will find that there are classes offered by the Parks Department. The lake has several kinds of fish like bass and catfish. Lake Austin starts below Mansfield Dam on Texas’ Colorado River basin before flowing into San Marcos Creek; it covers about 594 acres.

Lake Austin is home to numerous companies that rent out sailboats, motorboats, canoes, pontoon boats, and party barges. Classes in canoeing or kayaking are offered by the Parks Department as well as sailing lessons on Lake Austin which boasts an excellent stock of largemouth bass amongst other fish such as catfish and sunfish.

Canyon Lake

Best Lake in Texas
Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is a huge reservoir on the Guadalupe River in Texas. The Corps of Engineers has built over 8 parks for people to camp, swim, boat, and picnic around these waters. Bank fishing can be done at all public locations with great success rates–especially near Cranes Mill Park where there’s also access from the water via ramps or docks.

Hiking trails are available as well along with equestrian paths that span both sides of this beautiful body of water so you’re never too far away! There are also professional fishing guides available to take you out on the lake.

Lake LBJ

When Lyndon B. Johnson was vice president, he frequented and loved his Lake LBJ Ranch in Burnet County near Marble Falls. President Johnson owned a ranch on the lake (which is separate from the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall). The Johnsons entertained national dignitaries like British Prime Minister Harold Wilson as well as foreign ambassadors at their estate here during those years.

Lake Buchanan

Lake Buchanan is a scenic location with plenty of fishing along with vacation homes and cottages where tourists can stay while they enjoy the outdoors. This is a reservoir located in the Texas Hill Country. This deep body of water serves as both an important source for drinking and irrigation purposes. Also provides recreational fishing opportunities to those who live around its periphery. Seven different species can be found here including largemouth bass, catfish, white bass, and striped bass.

Lake Buchanan has been heavily stocked with these fish so you never know what kind might turn up on your line! To maintain this valuable resource during dry periods when levels drop significantly from drought conditions, many lakeside cottages have become vacation rentals offering their visitors prime access to all the local hotspots.

Ink’s Lake

Inks Lake, Texas
Ink’s Lake

Located near Burnet, Texas is Inks Lake, State Park. This park includes facilities for camping and picnicking as well as boat access to the lake where locals enjoy fishing or swimming in its clear waters. The beauty of this pristine area doesn’t stop there though! Locals also love going cliff jumping at “Devil’s Water Hole” located within the confines of Inks State Park which offers tons more than just scenic views- with opportunities such as golfing too!

Belton Lake

Belton Lake is adjacent to Fort Hood Army Base which offers several military-related spots to explore while visiting. Nearby activities include fishing, hiking, and other sports like boating or water skiing at one of their specialized sport site concessions areas. You can also enjoy picnicking and camping just outside this great park area too!

Lake Somerville

This is a magnificent outdoor recreation destination that offers many opportunities. The natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings are worth exploring, but please be mindful of conservation by being thoughtful visitors. Activities near Somerville Lake include horseback riding, hotel/lodge/resort. Other recreational concession sites nearby including playgrounds, parks specialized sports sites, fishing camping, boating, biking, picnicking, hiking more!

Medina Lake

Medina Lake
Medina Lake

Medina Lake offers 4,246 acres of clear water sheltered by limestone bluffs, ideal conditions to spot the large yellow catfish that call this place home. Those who want more action during their visit can enjoy kayaking through cypress trees or exploring along with one of many nature trails in search of wildlife.

The park has plenty of picnic areas where visitors can have lunch after playing on the shoreline sandbars or zip-lining over them. Medina Lake is a popular location for SCUBA divers. The park is open seasonally with day-use activities only and the lake’s clear water makes it easy to spot fish that live in its sheltered limestone bluffs.

Granger Lake

Granger Lake is located on the San Gabriel River in central Texas, minutes away from Austin. In addition to providing flood control for Williamson County, Granger Lake also offers recreation opportunities like excellent fishing. Boating has become more than just a leisure activity at Granger lake too thanks to its access points for jet skiing and sailing.

Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Stillhouse Hollow is a pristine and serene body of water that lies deep in the heartland. The maximum depth it reaches is 107 feet, yet its shores are mostly undeveloped with just some Corps of Engineer Parks to break up the landscape for visitors like you and me! It’s only 15 minutes from Belton or Salado, so pack your picnic basket today because this hidden gem won’t stay secret much longer!

Lake Georgetown

Best Lakes in Texas
Drone shot Lake Georgetown, Texas

Lake Georgetown is a 1200 acre lake that offers boating, skiing, fishing and so much more.

There are four different camping areas for the serious angler or water enthusiast to explore as well as 16 miles of hiking trails if they want some fresh air in their lungs! If you’re looking for amenities like restrooms with showers then Cedar Breaks Park has gotcha covered. They also have RV hookups and boat ramps available too!

For those who would rather camp than stay at one place there’s plenty of space at Cedar Break park but make sure you register online before because spots fill up fast due to its popularity among outdoorsmen. Fishing here can get exciting since it’s stocked full of small and largemouth bass, white bass flathead.

Walter E. Long Lake

Walter E. Lake is a reservoir built on Decker Lake and renamed Walter E. Long Reservoir in honor of the now-deceased former head engineer for Travis County’s Water Department. This small lake has an olive greenish cast to it. 

Lakes in South Texas

Chock Canyon Lake

Choke Canyon Lake
Choke Canyon Lake

The perfect place to spend a day with your family, or for some outdoor time at your company picnic! There are a variety of activities that are offered here including fishing (first class), bird watching, swimming, camping, hiking, and geocaching. You can also go play basketball, tennis, and soccer. The Calliham Park offers campsites along with amenities such as group pavilions, gymnasiums, youth campsites, playgrounds, volleyball courts, and horseshoe pits.

Amistad Lake

Amistad Lake is a beautiful lake in the United States and Mexico. It has year-round water-based recreation opportunities including boating, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and more! The best time to visit Amistad’s reservoir for recreational purposes would be during summer or wintertime. It provides all sorts of fun activities such as picnicking at various locations around the lake while being surrounded by scenic views from mountains to forests with wildflowers growing among them.

Lakes in West Texas

Lake Alan Henry
Lake Alan Henry

Lake Alan Henry

Formed in 1972, Lake Alan Henry is situated on the upper Brazos River Basin. This reservoir’s s fisheries are rated among Texas’ five best; to this end, visitors can enjoy recreational activities like camping at primitive sites throughout its circumference. Or take part in water sports such as skiing if they get an access permit from site management before their visit! 

Central O.H. Ivie Lake

This is a reservoir with 55 miles of shoreline East of San Angelo. This lake features amenities such as fishing opportunities for large-mouth bass to bluegill. There is easy access to boat ramps. Or more challenging trout water farther out by footpaths. Campsites are available nearby (but not within) the park. Amenities like picnic tables & pavilions for outdoor dining outings while enjoying views from cliffs overlooking O. H., Ivie Lake’s scenic surroundings including desert wildflowers during springtime visits!


If you’re looking for lakes, there are plenty of them in Texas. With the great fishing and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder why Texans have been enjoying these bodies of water since our state was founded. What do you think? Which body of water is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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