Best Beach Camping in Texas for the Outdoor Enthusiast


It can be hard to find the best beach camping sites in Texas. There are a lot of websites that list random campsites, but not many that actually help you determine which ones will be fun for your family or even safe! 

It takes hours and days of research just to figure out where we should go. And then once we get there it can still be disappointing because the site was dirty or unsafe or it rained so much we couldn’t do any activities. Camping is supposed to be relaxing and fun, right? Not stressful and miserable! 

This blog post has all the information you need about where exactly you can have an amazing time camping with your family on one of Texas’ beaches this summer – including photos. You won’t believe how easy it is!

Choosing your Texas Beach Campgrounds

There are a number of park and reserve rules that govern the selection of campsites and the designated areas where the campers are permitted. If so, please keep the following rules strictly in mind.

Unless a rule is specified, it’s a general guide to finding a perfect beach campsite. These are usually the case where you camp in a tent on the beach or at a beach in an open area. It’s recommended to take an extremely clean drive in an extremely quiet place.

If you have lots of campers and the holidays are packed, then try to find somewhere at least 70-100 yards from another site to get privacy. In Texas, the beaches have traditionally been designated state highways. It has continued to this day.

Planning ahead for beach camping in Texas

Camping offers a great variety along Texas beaches. However, many of these sites are considered primitive. Amenities may vary. Often you will be miles from any station or shop where you can refill supplies. We always advise a careful plan.

Bring water with you, a stove, or a flashlight. A second aspect must be considered. Windspeed can increase on the beaches, or temperatures can be very high in summer. Because the insect likes to sleep under the dunes, be careful about using insect repellent.

When to go camping on the beach in Texas?

Texas is too hot for heat during summer. We like camping on a beach in the Summer even in the Summer because of the water and the whole time we like swimming. If you hate summers on the Texas coastline, the weather is ideal throughout the whole year. Winter camping on beaches is popular.

Winter can become tangled and a little windy on the coast and sometimes too chilly to swim in. Weekend and extended holidays are very busy seasons and it is difficult to find secluded campsites.

Why is beach camping in Texas Is Awesome?

Decide the experience that you want. This place has many choices and is often free on holidays. That is why camping in Texas is great! Do we get views? And the action? How about the nearby villages and nightlife? What are your thoughts? It is your decision to find your perfect place.

Things to know before camping on the beach in Texas

Texas Beach Camping: Boondocking vs. developed campgrounds

Which kind of camping is what is required for your beachside sanctuary? What about campgrounds that offer an extensive variety in terms of amenities? Are you camping near a river? Booking will give the closest possible proximity. There are several beaches in Texas that have beaches on the sand. When you’re going fishing at the beach, remember where others are camping.

They might be parked higher into the sea so that they don’t get stuck during a high tide or get stuck. Additionally, some beachfront hotels will not let you park too close to the water. Let’s take a closer look at any of the water lines in the mud.

Tell me the best place to camp in Texas?

Texas offers infinite variety. Nothing better demonstrates this truth than the 340 km of golden beaches along the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. You can also enjoy the most spectacular nature and bird watching around.

The waters have several choices available and the Gulf Coast has become an important fishing destination. Of course, the Gulf of Mexico is not the end-all of the beaches available for Texans.

This expansive state makes there many great choices available. We’ll narrow down our best recommendations by contacting our community. This list is not exhaustive.

Our Top Locations for Beach Camping in Texas

#1. Port Arthur

Best Beach Camping in Texas

Sea Rim State Park

Located in Port Arthur Texas, Sea Rim State Park combines marshes and beaches in a unique combination, creating the perfect place for exploring new things.

Sea Rim State Park is located not far from the Texas or Louisiana borders and is a fantastic location for capturing an amazing view. Some 15 Camping sites offer you hookups and others offer the opportunity to swap power to nature while being close to nature.

Sea Rim State Park is an excellent destination to explore at any time of the year. Although this National Park has numerous campground locations, there is an incredible way to camp on the Sea Rim. Sea Rim State Park offers camping on the moored boat.

McFaddin Beach

If you’re looking for a place where you can have the beach all to yourself, McFaddin is the perfect spot. Right next door to Sea Rim State Park, this pristine stretch of sand is tucked away in McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge, and vehicles are welcome so you can really make the most of your stay.

McFaddin Beach is one of the best-kept secrets on the Texas Gulf Coast. This 20-mile, hard-packed beach can be accessed just past Sea Rim on Hwy 87 and is a part of McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge.

This is free beach camping and no camping permit is needed. Pitch a tent and spend the night under the stars, or just relax and take in the incredible view.

#2. Padre Island

Best Beach Camping in Texas

Padre Island also offers a second beach where you can camp. A good option to camp along South Beach is to watch beautiful Sunrise peaks over the ocean each day. South Beach is similar to North Beach because there’s no hookup access to your home.

There are chemicals and a trash bin at the beach entrances that will help you to determine if you plan a longer stay on the beach. If you are coming to South Beach, you can go to the beaches to locate the ideal camping location. The coastline spans more than 50 kilometers and offers a range of accommodation for a night.

Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island offers spectacular beaches in an idyllic setting. This is possibly a very beautiful scene in our state. Dark skies, sea breeze, and quiet are just some of the reasons the Padre Island National Seashore is an excellent camping destination.

Primitive camping is provided on North Beach and South Padre Island. The reservation cannot be made. If you’ll be paying for the camping permits in a visitor center you can park the tent at the nearest campsite. It is an excellent place for RV camping along with tent camping.

Bird Island Basin

This campground is across from Laguna Madre. Bird Island Basin Campground is the perfect spot to set up camp and enjoy some of the best windsurfing in the country. Whether you’re camping in an RV or pitching a tent, this site offers a great way to experience nature and get active on the water. And don’t worry – even if you’re not into windsurfing, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy at this beautiful location. So come on down and enjoy everything Bird Island Basin Campground has to offer!

Andy Bowie Park

Looking for a place to spend the day with your family? Look no further! This beautiful park is located on the north end of South Padre Island, right on the Gulf of Mexico.

It offers plenty of amenities, like two large picnic pavilions, BBQ areas, RV sites, food concessions, beach rentals, and more. And it’s open seven days a week! You’ll love spending time here with your loved ones.

#3. Corpus Christi

Best Beach Camping in Texas

Mustang Island State Park

Its 17-mile length is bordered by more than a thousand islands with beautiful beaches. A little further north on the island is Padre Island and the JFK Causeway that leads to Cork. There are several beaches to enjoy and activities to do.

This includes an impressive bird-watching experience along Mustang Island State Park trails. It passes through the most productive shallow-water fishery in the state, running the western side of the island on Corpus Christi Bay. You may also go swimming, fishing, or geocaching. Bring some fishing equipment.

I B Magee Beach Park

IB Magee County Park is located in Port Aransas just outside of Corpus Christi. It is one of the best beach towns to camp and enjoys everything that Mustang Island has to offer.

With 75 campsites with water and electric hookups, a dump station, and primitive camping available on the beach, IB Magee Park is perfect for any getaway. With a camper’s bathhouse and freshwater rinse shower on-site, it’s easy to keep everyone clean and comfortable during your stay.

And if you need some time away from beach camping the nearest amenities and restaurants are right there in town. Head over to Malaquite Visitor Center to find out about all of the cool things to do in town.

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#4. Port Lavaca

Best Beach Camping in Texas

Magnolia Beach

Magnolia Beach has become infamous as a favorite boondocking beach in Texas and is a unique place that has many campers. The road to Magnolia Beach offers over three miles of beach which is packed with soft sand, ideal for campsites. Site numbers aren’t numbered. If you just leave space between you and the neighbor you will have everything you need. Enjoy fishing, swimming, or other things while visiting Magnolia Beach. No hook-up is offered but there’s a shower room near the hotel and there is also a barbecue area for the kids.

#5. Matagorda

Best Beach Camping in Texas

Matagorda Nature Reserve

This reserve has become an oasis for enjoying nature. The park offers you an ideal escape to nature and offers various camping locations. Matagorda Nature Preserve provides primitive campsite spaces where you can truly escape the noise.

Besides primitive campsites, there are also complete hookup sites available for your convenience. Upon arrival at Matagorda Nature Preserve, you can enjoy two-mile beaches or walk along the coast looking for seashells and the debris from the sea.

Matagorda Island State Park

Matagorda Bay Nature Park is a 1600-acre nature reserve near the mouth of the Colorado River. Approximately 5,000 acres of undeveloped sand dunes are located throughout the park. It is a great birding spot.

Matagorda Bay offers many beaches to enjoy as mentioned previously, and campsites are usually simple. This is a good place to stargaze. Several of the campsites are equipped with a grilling area for outdoor barbecues.

#6. Freeport


Bryan Beach

Bryan Beach is the ideal spot where you can take in the view from the water while camping at Texas Beach or relaxing under the stars. The campground is free and allows for an amazing experience at Bryan beach in Texas.

You have fewer options on where to camp on the coast, however, the possibility of a larger crowd is higher, as the location is not as known as some of the other camping beaches of Texas.

#7. Galveston


Galveston Island State Park

This is a perfect place for splashing in the seas or walking on the beach. Its bays and beach sides offer an array of recreational activities for everyone. You can take a kayak and paddle a scenic paddling route.

Galveston Island State Park is an excellent fishing location from its shore with no permits necessary. The islands offer a 4-mile hike and bike paths for visitors. It is an excellent way to discover different habitats. It’s easy to charter boats in Galveston. When you need bird-watching, stop by observation platforms.

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Stella Mare RV Resort

Stella Mare RV Resort is a premier Galveston beach camping spot. It has everything you could possibly want in an RV resort, including lush palm trees and beautifully manicured landscaping, comfortable amenities, friendly service, and much more.

Whether you’re looking to relax by the pool or spend your days exploring Galveston’s many attractions, you’ll find that Stella Mare is the perfect place for a wonderful Texas beach vacation. If you’re looking for a great beach camping spot, look no further.

This resort offers beach campers beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll be able to enjoy all the excitement of Galveston’s beaches and attractions while staying in comfort and style.

Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is located across the ferry on the Bolivar peninsula. There are plenty of amenities to enjoy, including a heated pool that overlooks the bay or one of many hot tubs on site.

If you’re looking for something more active, head over to their recreation center where you’ll find basketball courts, volleyball courts, horseshoes pits, and many other activities waiting for you. There’s never a dull moment at this beautiful Texas beach vacation resort!


The Lone Star State is full of sandy beaches to enjoy. These are the best places for beach camping in Texas, including primitive campsites for tent campers and RV hookups.

It’s important to plan ahead before you make your way towards the coast by bringing necessary supplies like water and a stove or flashlight. You also need to be careful of mosquitos and winds speeds! The summer is too hot but it’s perfect for swimming year-round. No matter what experience you’re looking for, Texas has something for you.