Texas Family Vacation

Helping families find the best vacation deals and attractions in the the Great State of Texas.

Meet the Colemans

Diana is a writer and Jeremy is a music teacher. With their twins they travel to the big cities and small towns of their home state in search of the ultimate get-aways, food and culture (and food).

About Us

Jeremy Coleman is a husband, father of 6-year-old boy/girl twins, and a music teacher and business owner. Jeremy is the founder of Learn Guitar Austin, a prestigious guitar academy in Austin, Texas. You can read more about Jeremy here if you like.

I started Texas Family Vacation on a very simple premise. To have outstanding excursions with my family and share them with others.When I became a parent of twins in 2014 I turned to the internet for advice on various subjects. Not just about vacation and travel, but about all things related to having a child. And one thing became abundantly clear right away. Some people knew what they were talking about and others were full of BS.

I could tell based on my experiences as a parent what articles were based on real experience and which ones were trying to sell something.I remember searching the term “Texas Family Vacation”. I had several articles that offer a cornucopia of useless advice.

Go to Dallas, Go to Houston, Go to Austin, that was useless advice. I am a native Texan and I know how big of a place Houston and Dallas really is. You spend the better part of 3 hours drive from one side of it to the other. What especially should I go in those big cities

I was looking for something more than that. I wanted to know:

Where should I go? How can I save money on hotels? What is the best way to get there? Where are the clean restrooms at? Where were the kid-friendly restaurants, Not the upscale pretentious ones or chain restaurants? But the once-in-a-lifetime experience with food the kids would eat? That was the kind of blog I was looking for and could not find. So I started one.

We monetize our blog with affiliate links. So if you click on a link and go to another site and buy something, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Currently, I receive enough small commissions to offset the cost of maintaining the blog.

Texas Family Vacation really is a labor of love. I want to share the inside information with parents so they can have the ultimate Texas experience like I am having.